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Dragon Medical One Lets Clinicians Dictate Anytime, Anywhere-- from home, office or on the road.

Dictate into virtually any EHR, with no voice profile training. Achieve 99% accuracy with automatic accent detection.

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PowerMic Mobile Lets Clinicians Dictate with an iPhone or Android

PowerMic Mobile is an iPhone and Android app that lets clinicians use their smartphone as a dictation microphone at any workstation with Dragon Medical One. No plugging and unplugging microphones or being tethered to a wired device. Dictate and move freely between patient rooms.

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What happened to Dragon Medical Practice Edition and how to ensure reliable, uninterrupted dictation service...

With sales of Dragon Medical Practice Edition (desktop/disc version) ended in March 2021, Nuance has announced that technical support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition is no longer available after March 31, 2022.

If you have Dragon Medical Practice Edition installed and running, it will not be disabled. However, should it crash for whatever reason– due to hardware, Windows updates, EHR, or other software incompatibilities– you may not be able to reactivate it when you reinstall. Nuance will no longer provide any support, nor release any updates, nor bug fixes. Nuance plans to shut down its activation servers for Dragon Medical desktop software after March 31, 2022.

Nuance recommends that all current users of Dragon Medical Practice Edition upgrade to Dragon Medical One–Nuance’s flagship, cloud-based, AI-powered clinical dictation solution.

Nuance is offering special pricing promotion to existing Dragon Medical customers to upgrade to Dragon Medical One– Nuance’s cloud-based clinical dictation platform

Promotion highlights:

  • Save up to 20% on a 1-year contract
  • Eligible on 1-year Monthly and 1-year Prepaid contracts

Pricing details:

  • 1-year contract; $79 Per-User-Per-month on a one-year term (regular price is $99/month)—a 20% saving. Customer can pre-pay the entire year.
  • There is a one-time training and implementation fee of $525 that covers assistance with unlimited installs and set up and training.
  • All renewals are based on standard contract pricing of $99/month (1-year term); $89/month (2-year term) or $79/month (3-year term)
  • Pricing is per end-user
  • Ordering is done online via the ordering portal
  • Payment can be made by credit card or automated bank withdrawal

ALL versions of Dragon Medical are eligible for Nuance’s Upgrade Promo.

Unlike Dragon Medical Practice Edition install limit of 4 computers, an end-user can install Dragon Medical One on UNLIMITED computers, at unlimited locations, including home and office– provided the program is used by the same end-user. End-users can dictate using a microphone or wirelessly using a smartphone. See video on this page. 

YES. Call or email SOFTSpeech, Inc. at 708-383-8660 or info@softspeech.com and provide the name(s) and email address(es) of the end-user(s). They will receive a link and instructions to access and install Dragon Medical One. SOFTSpeech will assist the end-user with install, set up and familiarization with Dragon Medical One during the free trial period. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the set up and familiarization. End-user(s)  will be able to dictate actual patient reports in their EHRs by the end of the set up.

A Windows 10 computer and a reliable internet connection. Dragon Medical One does not run native on MacOS computers.

Yes. Dragon Medical One supports HIPAA requirements for patient security and confidentiality by employing secure encryption methods throughout the workflow. Dragon Medical One features 99.5% uptime and runs on data centers hosted on Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF-certified hosting infrastructure.

Call or email SOFTSpeech, Inc. at 708-383-8660 or info@softspeech.com. You will receive a link to the online ordering portal that includes Nuance’s Promo Offer pricing. 

As support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition is discontinued, providers must consider HIPAA compliance regulations and potential violations of running unsupported software that includes a security risk to their healthcare business. With this in mind, Nuance continues to provide an upgrade path to Dragon Medical One.

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